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In this series, we bring together Verizon industry experts, investors and startups to discuss today’s most innovative technologies and their industry predictions. Over the course of several episodes, listeners will be treated to unique perspectives from our guests on the state of various industries, new and exciting developments, as well as insights on trends we can expect to see in the long term. We’ll cover off on topics like AI and chatbots, enterprise IoT, video and content, and consumer IoT and the Smart Home.
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Feb 17, 2017

“Security is a non-negotiable aspect.”

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Welcome to this week’s episode of Verizon Ventures! We’re discussing the technologies that will lead the future. This week we will continue our discussion on the leading technologies and security of the future, including network technologies, cloud capabilities, and reaching the next level of device service.

Returning from last week include:

  • Thierry Sender, who is the director of the IOT product development at Verizon focused on strategy and vertical implementations.
  • Jenny Fielding, who is the managing director of Techstars IOT. Techstars is a venture fund and an accelerator focused on internet of things!
  • Raj Singh, who is the managing director at JetBlue Technology Ventures.
  • Allison Cliff Jennings, who is the CEO of Filament. Filament is a company focused on connecting legacy industrial infrastructure. Filament is a Verizon Ventures portfolio company.

“Could you imagine if every little device had to check in with Stripe to pay or get paid? It just wouldn’t work.”

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  • As we look forward, with the pervasive IOT solutions that are rolling out into different segments of the consumer electronics space, there is a need to be able to support mini, low cost, low powered, connectivity platforms.
  • When you look across the industry, there are many options out there for the low power space.
  • In the cellular world, there are a lot of new radio technologies that are coming out that will compete and hold up well.
  • We want devices to be able to connect anywhere in the world, regardless of location.
  • From Filament’s point of view, the IOT will only become truly as valuable as the scale that it presents itself as an economical protocol stack in addition to the network capability.
  • Digitizing information is believed to be a raw form of economic value, not just in the data it creates, but what it enables and provides.
  • Allison: If you have actuation and sensing on a network of devices, and then you bring in an economic protocol, you can now have these devices create value when they’re attached to machines.
  • When you have devices that can guarantee, to the very last detail, value transfer, you can start to do other interesting things at an even higher level.
  • Renewable energy credit is a credit that can be bought and sold on a marketplace! This is usually required by agencies that burn a lot of carbon. If you create solar credits, you can sell them.
  • Jenny: IOT is touching almost every vertical now. It’s becoming everything, which is amazing!
  • Enterprise IOT won’t be a thing a few years from now. Each device will be shipped with the appropriate sensors.

“The true value of industrial IOT will be reached when it presents itself as an economical protocol, in addition to the network capability.”

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