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In this series, we bring together Verizon industry experts, investors and startups to discuss today’s most innovative technologies and their industry predictions. Over the course of several episodes, listeners will be treated to unique perspectives from our guests on the state of various industries, new and exciting developments, as well as insights on trends we can expect to see in the long term. We’ll cover off on topics like AI and chatbots, enterprise IoT, video and content, and consumer IoT and the Smart Home.
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Feb 17, 2017

“We have to make sure we don’t put people at dead ends in product development. They want to be in a world where they have choices.”

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We welcome you back for part two of our discussion regarding home security systems, and the past, present, and future of this exciting technology. Returning from last week includes:

  • Roel Peeters is the CEO and founder of Roost. Roost built a home telematics platform focused on the property insurance industry, and works with IOT devices.
  • Ian Swanson is the CEO of Data Science, Inc. Data Science offers a platform as well as Data Science as a service, working with many IOT companies.
  • Ohad Zeira is the Director of Product and Strategy for Verizon Smart Home
  • Nate Williams is the Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Business at August Home, a market leader in home access control.

“The market has three segments right now: DIY solutions, professional installment, and capable consumers that have the “do it for me” attitude.”

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  • In a home, the replacement timelines are very long. In fact, most people don’t even buy their washer or dryers, it just comes with the home, giving them little to no choice over their buying options.
  • Simplicity and ease of use is essential: With the battery, it’s one of the smart home products that can be sent to consumers and they know what to do with it. It’s just as easy as your basic light bulb.
  • The focus should be on “how can we make these products easier to install?”
  • There’s an emerging trend right now with professional installation within this industry, where companies are working to make it easier for you to install your own smart items.
  • However, some products are not the easiest UX or UI to set up, and will require professional installation.
  • The market has three segments right now: DIY solutions, professional installment, and capable consumers that have the “do it for me” attitude.
  • Fun Fact: It took 45 years for 50% of US households to have dishwashers!
  • It took less than ten years for 80% of US households to have broadband. This is an amazing success with new technology!
  • Consumers only want one neck to choke. They do not want to call ten different people for the same issue. They want to call one person.
  • Ohad: Voice interactions are going to be across a lot of devices very soon, into the home or outside of the home.
  • We have to make the products so sewn into the home, that consumers can’t imagine going back to a life without these products.

“You’re not asking people to change their environment, you’re leaving existing functionality, and simply adding to it.”

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