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In this series, we bring together Verizon industry experts, investors and startups to discuss today’s most innovative technologies and their industry predictions. Over the course of several episodes, listeners will be treated to unique perspectives from our guests on the state of various industries, new and exciting developments, as well as insights on trends we can expect to see in the long term. We’ll cover off on topics like AI and chatbots, enterprise IoT, video and content, and consumer IoT and the Smart Home.
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Feb 17, 2017

Because all the video platforms are global, it is a very different mindset than television.”

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Welcome back to part 2 of Verizon Venture’s live video content discussion, where we continue to discuss the evolution of live content in relation to shoppable content and branding within videos. Joining us are the talented:

  • Ivana Kirkbride, Chief Content Officer for Go90, a Verizon company.
  • Allison Stern, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Tubular Labs.
  • Matt Levin, Co-founder and CEO of Donut Media.
  • Rhoades Rader, Head of Content Studios at Mitu, a Verizon Ventures portfolio company.
  • Allen DeBevoise, Managing Partner of Third Wave Ventures.  

“Shoppable videos have become a really cool trend for business models, that can work.”

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  • Information and items now within videos have the capability to be itemized, and in turn shoppable.
  • Shoppable videos have become a really cool trend for business models that can work.
  • The rise of sponsored content and branded content is going to be a huge theme in 2017.
  • The idea of content within videos grew ten times last year from the previous year, and we’re expecting that to be a large piece of the way to make money within media companies.
  • Companies in the space are beginning to build creative agencies, and see how they can further scale this department.
  • Allison: There’s a spectrum of how brands engage in content. One end is uploading TV ads onto Youtube or a video platform, which we have evolved from. The next step is partnering with influencers.
  • Businesses are going to be creating branded content to market, separate from their TV ads, to showcase their brand
  • GoPro has become a media company on par with other media companies.
  • A main challenge is how much appetite there are in brands to become their own media company.
  • The big question for publishers and programmers now becomes: How do we scale? How do I own a mindset?
  • In digital media -- it’s a global opportunity instead of the US centric mind frame.
  • The type of content you’re creating will heavily influence the budget and quality of the production in your videos.
  • The notion of what people would want to watch is expanding widely, thanks to the on-demand nature.

“The next step for businesses in this space isn’t for the faint of heart: becoming a media company yourself.”

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